Warcraft Logo Text Effect


Warcraft is a franchise known to many because of World of Warcraft. But Warcraft started out as a Real Time Strategy game that painted the way for the gameplay in Starcraft (because Starcraft was trying not to be Warcraft). Warcraft 3 released with an editor that allowed extensive modifications to the engine that has been well used to create custom content. Although Starcraft 2 has it beat, Warcraft 3 is still a game deserving of attention, and how better to enjoy by reverse-engineering the logo.

Help Finding Free Stock Images


Has there ever been a situation where you wanted to use an image you did not have? Stock images has likely been the answer, providing that one element you need for the project. The internet has enough sources to pick from, you just need to know what to look for and where. While online microstock archives have thousands of images to buy from, these kind of costs can be problematic. Here is some help finding usable stuff for a budget of nothing.

Old Advance Wars Wallpaper


With the help of Photoshop, one can turn a game of cartoon war and a photograph of a mountain into an old war-scene wallpaper. Advance Wars 2, the precise game used today, has an alien commander, known as Sturm, invades the world (comprising of 4 distinct nations) and uses technological advances to quickly start up a huge war. While each of the world’s 4 nations have a similar appearance to our countries, the alien Black Hole forces are very mechanical and different. When/if players gain access to the most powerful tank the game has to offer – the Neotank,  built by the Black Hole – it looks very alien and doesn’t change to fit in with the army. That is why the Neotank will be starring in our wallpaper.

Starcraft Stimpacks Patch


If you know of video games then you have probably heard of Starcraft, the big Real Time Strategy game. The game is entertaining and frustrating with it’s fast-paced action and quick response times and ability to change your play style and strategy. One of the basic abilities the Terrans, exiled Human convicts, get is the stimpack ability: temporarily increase combat performance while taking a blow to the health. This doesn’t seem too bad until the futuristic healing-at-a-distant technology enables the heavy use of these combat drugs. Now we have to raise awareness, especially among the bronze-medal new commanders out there, that stimpacks are dangerous and have an extremely high chance to end in death. We shall use Illustrator to create a stimpack patch worthy of any supporter of the cause.

Manual Minecraft Effects


You have probably heard of Minecraft, the block building game that occasionally has monsters. Pretty much any search on the internet will find you a hundred screenshots from the game, from people’s creations to video channels; all of these being various quality. Sometimes you’ll see some mods used to make the world look cool, but that can slow down some computers and you can make plain old screenshots of any game look much nicer with a bit of action in Photoshop. Minecraft is no different and is much easier to manipulate than you might expect.

Earth Defence Force Road Sign

EDF Sign

Using Photoshop, we create a road sign based off of the game Red Faction: Guerrilla. Set in half-past-the-future, this science-fiction shooter has the player run around Mars to help free the planet from the evil Earth Defence Force. Although quite oppressive, the EDF have a very cool way to display their road signs by using a hexagon patterned background with white text on top; these being the inspiration for this design. In addition to being a road sign, this can easily be turned into a banner for a project or other small graphics from ID/playing cards to simple, repeating background patterns. If you find yourself angry right now for reasons unknown, then Red Faction: Guerrilla can be quite the stress reliever thanks to destructible structures and sledgehammers.